Top Insurance Company
November 2020

How we helped a top Insurance company increase email click through rate by 23% in less than 30 days

This is how we were able to maximize and help a top insurance company grow their email marketing strategy to gain more high performing leads.


Growth Marketing, Email Sending, A/B Testing


Internal Email Sending Platform

Result 1

Increase In Email Click Through Rate

Result 2

Daily Emails Sent On Average

Project Overview

This client had a desire to upgrade the amount of emails they were sending. In doing so they also wanted to maximize on the results of their emails being sent ultimately they had a few goals in mind:

  • Increase email send rate
  • Maximize the efficiency of conversions
  • Track email campaign metrics


In order to achieve this we worked closely with a partner company to develop an email sending platform that allows us to send tens of thousands emails daily on behalf of our client. From there we were able to put systems in place to track all important data points and send more efficiently. We focused on the following items in execution:

  • Created custom platform to increase email send rate without being blocked by internet service providers
  • Implemented A/B testing structure to test multiple parts of email campaigns being sent out
  • Consistently monitored results for potential corrections and efficiency


We were excited to be able to execute on our initial plan for this client and deliver the expected results. At the end of the day we achieved a few special metrics that has continued to help our client grow in their specific industry. These results include:

  • Increase in email send rate to over 30,000 emails per day
  • 23% increase in email click through rate
  • 38% increase in average visit duration

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