HGTV's Theme Queens
November 2020

How we helped HGTV create a new type of experience

We were given the opportunity to use our expertise in Augmented Reality to bring a new type of experience to an HGTV pilot TV show called 'Theme Queens'


Augmented Reality, Mobile Application Development, TV Appearance :)


iOS, Android, Unity Game Engine,

Result 1

Augmented Reality Experiences

Result 2

HGTV Television Appearance

Project Overview

This was a very unique opportunity with specific needs that required some creativity and a solid amount of collaboration to get just right. Specifically we worked closely with Moe Anato, the host of 'Theme Queens'. The premise of the show is to take homes and customize them into a unique theme for the home owner. In this case the home was being remodeled into the style of a dragon's den. Our goal was to add a digital element that could bring the home to life. In order to do this we utilize our expertise in Augmented Reality. For anyone not familiar, this is a way to take digital assets and bring them in view of the real world. This is much easier to see than describe, so definately check out the video below to see it live and in action.


With a solid idea of bringing the home to life and a proper theme in place it was time for us to execute and work towards creating something amazing. Here were our goals:

  • Create an application that can bring Dungeon-like aspects to the real world.
  • Create a multiplayer Augmented Reality scavenger hunt that worked with multiple player in real-time
  • Stay aligned with the initial vision of a dragon's den


We were beyond happy with the results of our work on 'Theme Queens'. Thanks to a great collaboration and a solid team effort, we were able to achieve our goals. The results speak for themselves, but you should check out the video below to see for yourself:

  • Fully functioning iOS & Android application that allowed users to select 3D digital assets and place them in the real world
  • Immersive sound effects, animations, and lighting effects
  • A second fully functioning iOS & Android multi-player application that let players connect with each other and compete in an Augmented Reality based scavenger hunt
“With their help and technical knowledge we were able to create an experience that brought the home to life!” - Moe Anato

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